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Assisted living services provide care to older adults who need some help with their daily chores without the round-the-clock attention provided in a nursing home. Assisted living is more like an in-and-out service. For instance, assisted living caregivers may help the elderly with making sure they take their meds on time and do laundry but may not need to hang out with the elderly all day. This type of elderly care is based on maximizing independence, socialization, and wellbeing while offering a homely environment. However, not all Gladstone senior living services are the same. Although they serve the same population, they have wide variations in size, cost, specialties, and perks.


One of the objectives of the best assisted living facilities in KC, MO, is to have loved ones living in the local area or to be as close as possible to the family. The location of an assisted living facility determines its operations. For instance, some states may have limitations on the level of assistance provided to residents of an assisted living facility. Therefore, people who need more than what can be provided may be forced to look outside the state. On the other hand, residents with high levels of independence may not have to look outside the state for suitable services. Assisted living facilities in most states focus on socialization than medical care.


Some assisted living facilities have no more than five licensed beds, while others have more than 500. The size of an assisted living facility matters to some people depending on their needs. However, the most crucial size consideration is the staff to resident ratio. Another important consideration is the staff attitude in the facility. Linden Woods Village has an experienced staff passionate about working with an aging population. You are more likely to find specialized amenities such as swimming pools and movie theaters in larger facilities than smaller ones.


Some of the typical services offered in assisted living facilities including dining, exercise, housekeeping, and medication. However, some facilities offer specialized services based on residents’ health and wellness needs. The type of services offered by many assisted living facilities is based on supply and demand. Linden Woods Village offers a wide range of assisted living services, including Alzheimer's, dementia, diabetes, depression, and heart programs. In addition, we invest in other programs such as art, piano lounges, and pet therapy to enhance residents' quality of life.

Transition to Advanced Care

Moving senior citizens from independence to a residence comes with its challenges. Therefore, many families avoid considering transitioning to assisted living and memory care at the same time. However, it is essential to consider the transition of a loved one from independence to advanced care. Assisted living is probably one of the big life stages that many older adults have to go through. However, it does not last indefinitely. Therefore, families should consider how their loved ones would transition from assisted living to advanced care.


Linden Woods Village is part of a larger continuing care community. We enable residents to move seamlessly from assisted living to skilled care programs. Although it is normal for families to focus on the here and now, they need to think about what their loved ones will need in a year. When looking for an assisted living facility, ask the caregivers how and if advanced care can be met and assisted living prices in Kansas City.

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