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Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me

At The Heavenly Center, we have crafted an innovative and unique recovery protocol to promote safe, comfortable, and effective rehabilitation with long-lasting benefits. Our drug and alcohol rehab centers near me provide access to a life-changing recovery program based on holistic principles.

How our holistic program works

The holistic treatment works differently than conventional rehab approaches, as it addresses addiction’s underlying causes and offers a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to rehab. Studies show that the most effective and reliable treatment method is one providing physical, mental, and spiritual healing and assistance, ensuring a wholesome recovery experience.

We have structured our treatment to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illnesses via programs like:

  • Muse, Fisher Wallace Stimulator, Limbix VR, etc. – Promoting mental stability, mindfulness awareness, introspection, and self-control. Many of these programs use advanced devices that provide relief from addiction, calm the nervous system, and counter co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, high emotional stress, etc.
  • IV therapy, Shiatsu massage, Tower Garden, Acupuncture, etc. – These programs promote physical healing, rejuvenation, and strengthening. The goals are to improve muscle tone and strength, boost the immune system, increase the circulatory system’s efficiency, and release a healthy and natural dose of endorphins. These procedures are essential for resetting the addicted brain and rewire the nervous system to overcome cravings and eliminate any drug and alcohol-related components from your body.
  • Bio-Feedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy – The benefits coming with these procedures are immense as they are part of a deep spiritual rejuvenation experience. Some of them include high mental alertness, boosted stamina, improved blood oxygen levels, and a deeper sense of meaning and belonging.

Our full range of holistic programs is truly impressive, as our drug and alcohol rehab centers near me promote highly customizable recovery treatments. You can also engage in music therapy, designed to tap into each individual’s artistic plan and stimulate their hidden healing potential.

What happens during the rehabilitation treatment?

The rehab treatment experience is different between patients, as it varies depending on the courses they choose, their overall medical and psychiatric needs, and any additional services they may opt for. The typical day in rehab generally begins with breakfast, followed by individual or group therapy sessions and optional alternative therapies, according to your preferences and needs.

We have designed the rehab schedule to be as inclusive and comfortable as possible, flexible enough to fit all situations and preferences. Each day will be filled with activities, alternating between high-energy programs and slow-moving ones, focused on relaxation, introspection, and meditation. In short, our drug and alcohol rehab centers near me can accommodate all patients no matter their backgrounds, addiction problems, or recovery goals.

If you wish to embark on a life-transforming rehabilitation journey, we invite you to contact The Heavenly Center today for intake and processing. You can call our professionals at 855-9THCNOW, discuss your situation, and ask questions about our facilities, sober living homes, and rehab services. We advise you to contact our rehab professionals if you have a loved one in need of rehab treatment so we can assist you in getting them the help they need fast.

Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me