About Us

Mission, Vision, and Values


To daily provide purpose, passion, and joy for our residents.


To be the best choice for senior living and retirement living in Kansas City, MO.


At Linden Woods Village, we recognize, understand and honor each individual’s perspective, life experiences and ideas.

At Linden Woods Village, we strive to provide the highest level of excellence in service and care.

As a member of the Linden Woods Village community, you give us daily opportunities to meet your individual needs.

At Linden Woods Village, a community is important to us. We have a genuine desire to join together and build lasting relationships.

At Linden Woods Village, we admire and acknowledge the unique qualities of each person.

Our History

Maggie Jensen (1880-1974)
For 40 years, Maggie Edith Pearl Jensen (1880-1974) cared for people through two hotels, a café, and by renting out sleeping rooms in her Iowa home. At 93-years-old, Maggie moved into an old house that was converted to a nursing home. Unfortunately, this facility was lacking so Maggie’s family was inspired to build newer, more modern accommodations for seniors throughout the Midwest. Linden Woods Village will continue to honor that commitment.
Maggie Jensen (1880-1974)
Grand Opening