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New Start Recovery is a premier rehab with excellent amenities, comfortable accommodations, and advanced treatments and therapies. Our Orange County detox in Costa Mesa, CA, has helped many addicts overcome their drug-related issues and embrace a sober and healthier living.

Who is an ideal candidate for medical detox?

Anyone suffering from a moderate or severe addiction condition or dual diagnosis issues must undergo medical detox for a successful recovery. The detox phase is the preliminary stage in the recovery process and can help you conquer the intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms efficiently.

Medical detox involves a licensed physician administering specific drugs to help you manage the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. It is critical to seek help from one of the experienced and licensed detox centers in Orange County, CA, for the best treatment outcome.

Advantages of undergoing medical detox

Medical detox marks the first step in the addiction treatment process, especially in patients suffering from dual diagnosis or long-term addiction conditions. Some of the advantages of undergoing medical detox at rehab in Orange County, CA, include:

  • Medical detox helps patients attain a safe, speedy, and pain-free recovery by eliminating the painful and debilitating withdrawal symptoms.
  • It restores the chemical imbalances in the brain caused by long-term drug use and reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • It prepares your mind and body for rehab treatment and therapies and helps you embrace sobriety one day at a time.

Joining a center for drug and detox in Orange County, California, can reduce your risk for life-threatening conditions by flushing out the toxins from your system. As the #1 rehab for a medical detox in Orange County, we offer around-the-clock medical care to patients in a fully-equipped and upscale treatment center.

Substances that instigate physical addiction or withdrawal symptoms

Addiction to any drug is likely to cause a whole array of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, there are several substances that can wreak havoc and inflict life-threatening addictions, such as:

  • Heroin

Heroin is the most addictive substance on the planet. It a highly potent opiate with an alarming rate of addiction, and taking a dose five times greater than the ideal amount required to feel “high” can cause instant death. The withdrawal symptoms can be so intense that, without professional help, drug users end up relapsing harder than before, putting their lives at grave risk.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can cause irreversible damages to the organs in your body and can increase the level of dopamine production in the brain by up to 360%. If you or your loved one suffers from an alcohol addiction condition, it is essential to seek help from a premier drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and attain a safe recovery.

  • Cocaine

Cocaine affects your brain’s dopamine levels, making it difficult for the addict to function normally without the drug. As the best rehab for addiction in Orange County, we treat cocaine addiction with a combination of detox, residential treatment, and ongoing care programs.

Get in touch with our rehab team at New Start Recovery at (855) 737-7363. Our Orange County detox in Costa Mesa, CA, will get you started on a life-transforming and liberating journey towards a better tomorrow. 

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