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Senior Living NampaIf you've looked at many of the facilities for senior living Nampa has to offer and you aren’t impressed, we understand. We feel your pain. Placing a loved one in an elder care home is a difficult decision to make. We applaud you for coming as far as you have and beginning your research. Let us help you end that search today. Springridge assisted living facility is the best nursing home in the Nampa area.

Our facility is newly remodeled. Our rooms are large, clean, comfortable, and well appointed. Think about handmade quilts on beds. Flowers in vases. Beautiful, green grass outside. Shade trees and a large, newly finished deck. These are just a few of the features of our facility. And we've barely scratched the surface.

What truly makes Springridge stand out is the personalized attention we provide to each resident. We know that the reason you're considering placing a loved one in our care is because he or she needs to be cared for and is no longer fully able to care for himself or herself. We know that you're hoping your loved one will be not just cared for but allowed to live freely and comfortably. Our goal is to make this hope a reality. We know your loved one will enjoy his or her stay at our home.

This is the major difference between our facility and others. In many cases, rest homes are more like hospitals than like true homes. This is because there are so many residents and too few staff to properly assist them and provide for their needs. At Springridge, we keep a very small ratio of residents to staff. Each of our residents is like a family member in our home. We give intimate, attentive care to everyone we work with.

We provide meals cooked fresh from scratch in house each day and multiple snacks. Our residents don't have to worry about food or about purchasing basic living necessities. We take care of all of this. If your loved one needs a special meal arrangement or can't eat certain foods, we will gladly accommodate this and create a customized menu to fit his or her needs.

Unlike some of the senior living Nampa residents experience, we provide full linen and housekeeping services to ensure that each of guests has everything that he or she needs. Living here is like living at a resort, only with a greater degree of permanence and with greater attention from staff. We even have a beautician who comes on site to work with our residents each month. And our care staff is on site all day and all night, every day of the week. We are always fully attentive and fully involved in the lives of our residents.